Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Location isn't everything

So, I've moved thousands of miles from where I grew up and where I was abused, and vowed to never expose my son to such an environment. But, I've quickly learned that sexual abuse is EVERYWHERE. 
I've met a few people and made a few friends. One of the first few people that I met, aside from neighbors, was a young man around who was twenty-two years old. Soon after meeting him he told me about his childhood and how close he used to be to his father who was Cuban. His father sodomized him from the age of fourteen until he was nineteen, and he was just coming to terms with it. 
After that, I met another young lady who was molested by her own grandfather. And then yet again, I met another young woman who was molested by an older male cousin. And then, again, I met a young mother of three whose oldest daughter was abused by a guy she was dating. 
It feels like sexual abuse is just EVERYWHERE! Is there no escaping it? 
My son is now six months old and is absolutely beautiful. Wherever we go, people stop to tell us how cute he is and how beautiful his eyes are. Every time, I get a fear in my stomach, because he is so friendly with everyone. I think to myself, that, I hope his cuteness and friendliness doesn't make him into a target. But I know that I must just do my best as a mother and warn him of the dangers of the world and be very selective of who I allow around him. I really hope that we have great communication and hope that he will always be able to talk with me about anything. 
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  1. Don't live in fear! If you don't live, you won't know what could have been! I can't tell you what to do, but I encourage you as a fellow victim to live life the best you can and that's all we can really do. Praying really does help too. Pray for protection to you and your family and friends. Love you and hope you find peace in heart to move on from that fear.


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